Listening To The Land

Upon close observation of a Tall Grass Prairie, it becomes evident how it reveals how plants are designed to be where they grow. When it comes to the issue of protecting the Tall Grass Prairie, it is imperative to realize that although one can try to reclaim a lost habitat, it is nearly impossible to completely restore something that has taken centuries to achieve its current state. Recreating the specie diversity and especially, attempting to bring rare species back into a Tall Grass Prairie is not simple. Failures in restoration come despite a commitment to control weeds, as the work is not only expensive, but also labour-intensive.

New knowledge in the last ten years has led to the realization that an un-mown or un-grazed Tall Grass Prairie does not allow the roots of the plants to become strong enough to compete with non-native tall grass species or aggressive species, leading to the mowing of the prairie.

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